Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Beat 'Em Bucs!

Being from Pittsburgh, I like beer and Polacks and sports. That's...that's what we do. But unlike some complete masochists who love the burn of pain, I gave up on the Pirates long ago. They had one of the best pitchers in the NL in the '90s, Denny Neagle, and traded to him to Atlanta for prospects because they wouldn't be able to afford Neagle's next contract.

One of those prospects was Jason Schmidt, who grew up to be one of the best pitchers in the NL and then the Buccos had to trade him to San Francisco for prospects.

One of those prospects was Ryan Vogelsong, who grew up to suck at baseball.

As we all know, the Pirates last went to the playoffs and lost in 1992. Francisco Cabrera, Sid Bream and Barry Bonds know it well. Since then, their BEST season was the legendary 1997 campaign, when they went an impressive 79-83. They actually handed out rings to the team to celebrate. No diamonds. Big opals right in the center. Classy. Today, the folks at Bugs and Cranks made a video showing some of the things the world has seen since the last time the Pirates finished north of .500.

The most beautiful thing is realizing that 23 new professional sports franchises have been created since Stan Belinda let Bream take a lead halfway to third base...

...and seven of them have already won world championships.

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tykejohnson said...

cubs won 12-1 today