Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Congressman Vitter! Congressman Vitter!

It seems that the honorable David Vitter is admitting that he did indeed patronize some DC area prostitutes. Everybody else has already pointed out that Vitter is a fire-breathing anti-gay marriage ranter and that it seems that dipping your wick in a prostitute's cooch is a greater threat to the sanctity of marriage than Adam and Steve are. So I won't bother picking that low hanging fruit.

What I'm more interested in how Vitter can angrily deny claims that he also used New Orleans whores whenever he was back home polling the electorate. Poleing? Polling? Either way. It seems that Vitter finds this new allegation outrageously slanderous and ridiculous, which...seems to be swimming upstream a bit. How can he so adamantly deny this new claim, I'm wondering.

And then I remembered...for $75, Bayou pros will whip the shame right outta ya.

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