Monday, July 16, 2007


Nikki and I somehow managed to bring a pale redhead into the world, much to our surprise. Since we are American parents and homeowners, on most weekends you will find us inside some store with a 20,000 square foot footprint, as legally mandated by the U.S. Department of Consumerism. Saturday, we had our cards punched at IKEA and Costco.

On these trips, we often see other parents with redheaded children. Sometimes one, sometimes a whole family with a color palette ranging from red to orange. I always feel like we should stop and talk to the other parents since we have the ginger bond. I try to make eye contact and loudly whisper, "Look, Abby! She has red hair too!"

But the other parents never stop to talk. They don't even look our way. What kind of bond is that? We need to be in this thing together!


Miles said...

undoubtedly, it's probably just you.

tykejohnson said...

well there are only two ways for ol' abby. hot az fu angie everhart style or ... lose lose sitch.