Monday, July 23, 2007

I am shopping at Costco!

This store is so big! Can you even believe how big this store is! Look at how big this shopping cart is! I'd better push it really slowly so it doesn't go out of control and knock over five gallons of mayonnaise. And it's so wide that I'd better push it right down the middle of the aisle to make sure I don't bump into the ends of the rows.

Whoa, whoa! I just took three steps in a row. I'd better stop here in the middle of the aisle and collect myself. Things are getting a little crazy! I almost walked at a normal pace!

Okay, now what do I want to buy today? I didn't come here with any specific plan, so let me stop outside of each aisle and scan it fully with my eyes before deciding to turn. Ooh! I want five pounds of Goldfish crackers. Let me leave my shopping cart right in the middle of the row so I can walk over and pick them up.

Oh hi, fellow shopper! I see you looking at the foodstuff that I'm standing directly in front of. I'll just be standing here for a few more moments and then you can grab it. Have a good day!

Okay, now I'm walking back down the main aisle. There are so many things to look at in this giant store! I really can't focus on it all. Thankfully I'm walking slowly enough to let it all sink in.

Oh! I just remembered that I want something at the total opposite end of the store. Well, lemme just whip my cart around as fast as I can without looking behind me! Whoa! There we go!

I am shopping at CostCo! I am the only person in the store! Whee!

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