Tuesday, July 10, 2007

I mayde u sum meetballz but they falled a part

As a celebratory dinner to close our first week in the new house, the wife and I planned a big steak grill out. Ribeyes, corn on the cob, roasted potatoes, this, that and some wine. Tantara pinot noir, good stuff, about $30. $40 for the organic version. Naturally, because we have a house and more kitchen space now, we made too much food. Who knew that we cooked based on available counter square footage? Half of each ribeye went completely untouched. Completely!

Knowing that the finest grandmothers around the world have created the finest meals from leftovers, I was determined to make shit happen here. Last night, I took the ribeyes and ground them up in the Cuisnart, added salt, pepper, oil and breadcrumbs in a grand plan to make meatballs for the pasta dinner. My initial fear was that they would be too lean because of the original grill session cooking off fat to have real meatball flavor. Nikki's initial fear was that I didn't use enough binding ingredients to hold the meatballs together. We were both right.

Question: Can you make meatballs from leftover ribeye? Answer: No.

We also made some tweaked caprese. Heirloom tomatoes, but instead of mozz and oil and basil, I used this ricotta I bought at the farmers' market that has oil and basil added already. It was okay. Still needs actual oil and the tomatoes weren't quite ready.

My cooking skills basically put me on par with somebody who's in a good cover band. I can make dishes that other people come up with, but I can never quite invent my own stuff or just look at a pile of ingredients and see something come together. I need to see the recipe first and then shop for the needed ingredients. A good cook would have a pork chop, a fennel bulb, red cabbage, carraway seeds and new potatoes on hand and do something good. This bothers me tremendously.

This first food post of mine is dedicated to Miles, who's chubby, gay, likes eating and has been asking me to blog about food and politics repeatedly. I love you, man!

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