Friday, July 13, 2007

WARNING to concerned parents!!!!

Dear Friends,

If your pre-teen or teen daughter asks you to see the upcoming movie Bratz, DO NOT LET THEM!!!! This movie is nothing more than a plot by liberal, Godless Hollywood to teach our innocent young daughters proper head technique.

The movie's opening scene is what kids today call a "rainbow party." In this disgusting, perverse scene, a group of teenage girls discusses the proper way to grip the base of a male penis with the thumb and forefinger. From there, the movie goes on to glorify dressing promiscuously, talking back to parents, bad popular music and giving oral sex to multiple partners.

PLEASE contact your Congressman today and ask them to BAN THIS MOVIE!!!! It is time we take this country back for traditional families! Together we can do it!!!!

PLEASE forward this email to everyone you know!!!!


tykejohnson said...

all the back talking and bad clothing can go, but i've had too many un-satisfying bjs not to disagree.

Nicholas said...

Instead of letting them go to this movie or others like this... wait til they are a little older and find them a gay best friend...(Note to those of you who don't understand: This is so they become a faghag and only lust after the gay boy they can't have, keeping their "purity". They will still learn how to give head (better than from any movie)but only vicariously through the gay boy).