Wednesday, July 11, 2007

You Hate Your Job

Of course you do. Get in line behind all of the other Americans who feel they deserve more money for more glamorous work. But friends, I'm here today to tell you how to start loving your job.

Have a kid and buy a house. You'll start loving your job immediately! It'll be the greatest job in the world and all you ever think about is how much you don't want to lose it!

It's just the shot in the arm you might need! Try it today!


Johnny P said...

i told this anecdote to the roommates before it was even posted on the blog. Well done and precisely why I am allowed to hate my job.

Andrew said...

johnny sucks.

tykejohnson said...

and soon it won't be out of monetary necessity but "i dont want to see my family anymore necessity." poor abby.