Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Fig Recipe #2

With ten more clipped figs in my possession (and softening rapidly) I looked up a recipe for fig sorbet. Found this Italian one. Quartered the figs, left the skins on and cooked them with a bit of water and the shaved rind of one lemon. When it was soft, I added sugar and cooked it down to a jelly-like state. Then added water, dumped it in the ice cream maker and cooled out while the mixture cooled down.

In the end, I was left with a fairly tasty fig sorbet that has an incredibly subtle flavor. I mean, the first bite tastes like Andean snowpack. All you taste is soft, cold nothingness. Then in about five minutes you start to detect the lightest hint of fresh fig. Like somebody just cut open a fig ten feet from you. Man, it's subtle.

The first bite leaves you thinking, okay, whatever. Then you sit for a while and that figgy perfume grows in your mouth. Pretty soon you're scarfing it down with your fingers.

Johnny loves it. He ate an entire container yesterday before anybody else could get to it.


Johnny P said...

this taste sensation blinded me, i was helpless. Also felt great on the post-dental appointment gums.

tykejohnson said...

yah, gotta give some kudos. shit was tastognaz