Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Figgy Pudding For 70

Seeing that this is Southern California, we have fruit trees in our yard. A young pear tree that isn't yet strong enough to hold the pears, for instance. And a fig tree that is more prolific than Tom Waits on meth. I clipped 20 ripe figs off of this thing last night and didn't even make a dent. Come fall, when the tree fully ripens, I'm going to have figs coming out of my ass and making a left.

I need to start collecting fig recipes in a hurry. Oh, that reminds me. Lemme enter the keywords to search this post.

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If you have a simple recipe that requires 200 diced figs, I'd love to hear it.

Maybe I'll make some fig wine. Check back in three years to see how it turned out.

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