Saturday, January 26, 2008

Who Did What Now?

After claiming him off of waivers the other day, the Capitals tried to assign Kris Beech to Hershey and the Penguins pounced! We made a waiver claim and Kris Beech is now (once again) a Penguin. We even kept #16 free for him in case he ever returned. No wait, we gave it to Eric Christensen. Well, he can either have 61 or add 1 and 6 to get to 7.

So after all of this time, the Penguins have Kris Beech, the Capitals traded Jagr to New York for Anson Carter and Washington still had to pay $20 million of his contract.

We won! We won the Jagr trade! Huzzah!

Although, had I known the travails of Kris Beech were going to involve so many posts and updates, I never would've gotten involved in the first place.

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