Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I Have Invented A New Dish

One of my goals in life has been to invent a new dish that sweeps the country. I don't mean by tweaking an existing concept, like adding chunks of candy to ice cream or inventing the bacon cheeseburger. I mean by inventing a new food whole cloth. Like potato chips. Or cole slaw. Sure, nobody remembers ol' George Crum, inventor of the humble potato chip. And sure, food innovation basically ran out of steam around 1920. And sure, people are doing things with molecular gastronomy, but I'm not calling fried mayonnaise or atomized beef new foods.

However, achieving this goal is nearly impossible. So I'm going to settle for tweaking an existing dish. Of course, somebody in the French countryside has probably been making this dish for 175 years. The Germans already have a name for it. Probably eiundhuhn. Eric Ripert most likely invented this dish one day during a creative slump and immediately threw it in the garbage. But whatever. It's my goal and I can lower my own bar if I want to.

The dish is called The Beginning and The End(TM). It is a pan seared chicken breast topped with a fried egg. Sauce optional. It is delicious and it is my contribution to culinary history until somebody proves otherwise.

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tykejohnson said...

sadly i think the fried egg on top of anything has been taken by peruvians and the rest of south america, as well as southeast asia.