Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I Am Not Convincingly Straight

A couple of weeks ago, I was standing outside, waiting for some friends to join me for lunch. I was wearing basically normal clothes for me. That is to say, clothes that fit properly. Though by today's chubby standards, you could call them slim. I live in Los Angeles, I work in the entertainment industry and I know how to be dashing. No big deal, right? Just like Rock Hudson!

So as I'm standing there, looking dashing, Nick and Nick's Gay Friend (hereafter NGF) come walking toward the cafeteria. I smile at them and Nick waves and what a friendly and polite exchange it was. My friends then arrived and I proceeded to go about my lunch without a care in the world.

Until later that day, when Nick recounted the conversation between himself and NGF as they walked past my dapper ol' self.

NGF: "He's cute."

Nick: "He also has a cute wife and a cute kid."


It would seem that I am not convincingly straight. Allow me to take this moment to remind everybody that I love staring at a lady's globes.

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