Thursday, March 6, 2008

I Taught My Daughter How To Guzzle Last Night

We were drinking wine last night with dinner. Abby was drinking pre-wine. That is to say, grape juice. So Nikki and I toasted and, on a lark, I toasted Abby, clinking her sippy cup and saying "Cheers!" She thought it was the greatest thing ever. And since she's not yet 2, maybe it is the greatest thing ever in her life.

She wanted to toast about 25 more times after that. "Mama, I cheers!" Clink. Drink. "Dada, I cheers!" Clink. "Cheers!" Drink. Smile. In about two more weeks, she will be asking us for actual wine to make the experience more real.

So that was pretty responsible of me.

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