Monday, March 10, 2008

Oh Man, You Blew It!

I was strolling down the sidewalk one day (yesterday) in the merry, merry month of May (actually March) when much to my surprise, I saw that somebody had etched some words in the concrete. This lucky person came across a fresh patch of sidewalk at just the right time. Nobody was around and the concrete was still wet enough to write something in it. A dream moment in every person life. A totally blank and practically permanent canvas for your name, your life philosophy, your phone number, whatever. Into the great wide open, man!

So what did this sidewalk artist etch? BALL SACK.

That's it? That's what you do with your moment in the sun? That's not even a good cuss! Oh man, you totally blew it, dude.

1 comment:

tykejohnson said...

i beg to differ, that's about as good as it gets