Friday, March 7, 2008

Slapping The Other Cheek

In anticipating the birth of the Messiah, many Israelites assumed they were getting a military king. A great warrior and leader that would help the Israelites take over land, smite various armies and extract revenge on their enemies. And, as we all know, that's exactly what happened. Jesus became the greatest swordsman since Achilles, personally beheaded four opposing generals, brutally murdered one king and his family while they slept, conquered lands and established a vast empire rivaled only by Rome. Jesus was tough, man. He would kill you at the drop of a fig.

Carrying on Jesus' warrior legacy 2000 years later is David Brog. David Brog, executive director of Christians United for Israel, has referred to the latest NIE as the "National Incompetence Estimate," and told me that CUFI is engaged in serious efforts to counter the reduced sense of urgency about Iran that it spawned. Although he hadn't yet had a chance to fully analyze the latest sanctions, he said his sense was that they were again relatively "soft," because that would've been "the only way to get consensus" at the U.N. Security Council. He said that his organization is pushing for all measures against Iran short of war -- but also repeatedly stressed, "No one should take the military option off the table. It would be ill-advised diplomacy to assure Iran or any foe that there will never be military consequences to their actions."

That last sentence, of course, is almost verbatim from the Gospel of Mark. I believe it's...4:18? But don't quote me on that. "And as Jesus spoke from the mount, he warned Caesar that woe be unto him if he thought there would never be military consequences to his actions. Actions peronsally brought down by Jesus' bloody sword." I might be paraphrasing that a bit.

Brog's group was founded by John Hagee, who serves as its national chairman. A fiery Evangelical Zionist who has openly called for a preemptive strike on Iran, Hagee endorsed John McCain's presidential run on Feb. 27.

Jesus loved - LOVED - the preemptive strike. He would be so proud of these men who speak in his name!

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