Thursday, April 10, 2008

A Lot To Like Last Night, A Lot To Like

If you're looking to exorcise the demons from last year's playoff flameout, a 4-0 win in Game 1 is a pretty good way to start. Let's take a look at everything there was to like about last night's game.

  • Scoring the first goal. Yes, always nice. In fact, after the game Coach Therrien admitted we lost the season to finale to Philly on purpose because Ottawa is so prone to giving up goals in the first 70 seconds of a series.
  • The emergence of Marc-Andre Fleury. In previous seasons, and even earlier this year, MAF had a remarkable ability to kick a rebound right onto an opponent's tape. It was a neat trick and very difficult, I'm sure, but it usually resulted in a goal from the slot. Now he's swallowing up shots whole, which is much more boring but also less goal-inducing.
  • The dominance of Gene Malkin. On Malkin's goal, Nick Foligno did two things. Stay two steps behind Malkin for the entire shift and give Malkin a cheap chuck after his gorgeous skate to stick to roof goal. That was not very effective defense.
  • Laraque, Roberts and Talbot pinning the Senators in their own end for an entire shift. Humiliating. Also great to see the fans recognize this while it was happening and give the line two standing ovations for their efforts.
  • The pummeling of Wade Redden. Redden thought he could deliver a message to Sidney Crosby with a couple shots to the face after a whistle. Ryan Whitney came in and delivered a message to Wade Redden. That message being, "I can pull your jersey over your head and punch you in the back of the noggin until you skate off the ice in shame."Any Senators fans that still think the Sens were right to keep Redden instead of Chara changed their minds after that beating. Both of them did.
  • Two goals for Gary Roberts. Just for the beautiful symbolism.
  • I don't like Roberts boarding Cody Bass so much, but I do like Roberts challenging all five Senators to come get him before the linesman took him off the ice. Just a complete show since nothing was going to happen, but Cody Bass sort of lost his mind when that happened. The veteran Chris Neil did a great job of showing Bass how to stand around and do nothing while Roberts is barking at you.
  • It's weird and probably annoying to argue about officiating after a 4-0 win, but let's just say that the calls seemed a little...uneven. So it's nice that Ottawa was completely unable to score on the power play, including two different 5-on-3s.
  • Somewhere in Monroeville right now, a mother and her 14-year old daughter are arguing about whether Paul Coffey or Kris Letang is sexier. The mother is saying that Coffey's hair gives him the edge.
  • Before the series started, insightful Ottawa Sun writer Don Brennan suggested the Sens give Crosby's ankle a two-handed chop to see how it holds up. That statement and Bryan Murray's declaration that the Pens ducked the Flyers to play Ottawa are currently having a metaphorical 15-round boxing match too see which phrase is dumber. Georges Laraque called the statement stupid. So in today's paper, having nothing positive to say about the Sens' play in Game 1, Brennan tells Laraque to call him stupid to his face. Although Brennan is clearly a devilishly handsome ladies' man, I'm sure Laraque would have no problem whatsoever honoring that request.

UPDATE: Via Empty Netters, it does seem that Laraque was more than to happy Brennan stupid in person.

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You are back! The blog is much better when it is not politically fueled Or about how many people think you are gay.