Monday, April 14, 2008

Okay, What Do We Know So Far?

I guess we could declare that we're halfway through the first round of the NHL Playoffs. So what do we know so far and how are our (my) predictions holding up? Well, some are aging nicely, like an A-1 quality strip steak hanging in a dry aging locker. Others look like a wedge of brie left in the sun at a 4th of July picnic. More specifically...

  • On Friday, TSN compared the records of Carey Price and Patrick Roy in their first two playoff games. To complete the comparision, TSN used a photo of Roy from 1986. Both had GAAs under 1.70 and save percentages over .940, though Price had a slight edge in both. Oh, and both were 2-0. Consider that prediction NAILED!
  • The Rangers are completely dominating the Devils. Forget that overtime skate deflection goal, even if it was one of the prettiest goals the Devils have scored all year. Throw the puck to the net and hope you get lucky! Devils hockey!
  • Anybody can pick stars to perform well, but how about calling Mikko Koivu? AND declaring that he would be better than Wojtek Wolski! Wow! I could be talking about hockey or the avant-garde experimental orchestal music scene for all most people know, but I was right and that's always what's important!
  • I deftly pointed out that Calgary has a history of playing great in the spring while Joe Thornton mentally checks out. That is exactly what happened last night in Calgary. It's almost like I know things!


  • Of course, after writing all of that, I went ahead and picked San Jose to win solely because of Evgeni Nabokov.
  • And I also said you could skip Minnesota/Colorado because it would be so boring. Well, the first two games were decided in overtime. And you know how boring playoff overtime is!
  • Marty Turco and the Dallas offense have been good through two games, which is literally the exact opposite of what I said would happen. Awesome anti-prediction, dude!
  • Nashville not going to upset Detroit in seven games.
  • I thought that Ottawa would have tons of intensity. Problem is, I was thinking only about last year's team and not the six Ottawa playoff teams that preceded it. The Penguins are faster, more interested in loose pucks and flat out better. If not for Martin Gerber, Game 2 would've been 15-0. Carnival music should start playing when the Penguins enter the offensive zone. Although let's not forget that I picked the Pens to win in 7. If they win in 4 or 5, I still get credit! Gimme dat credit!

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