Thursday, April 3, 2008

A One-Time Time Machine

Let's say somebody approached me today and told me they had invented a disposable time machine. It was only good for one round trip. The question is, would I go back to 1966 and prevent the NHL from expanding to Philadelphia or the early '80s to stop the spread of AIDS. Problem is, it's hard to figure out which scourge has really been more damaging to the human condition.

Proving that wearing glasses doesn't automatically make you smart, Flyers coach John Stevens drew up a gameplan that didn't seem to go beyond "Let's get some cheap shots in there, boys." The Penguins going 4 for 6 on the power play in a 4-2 win maybe shows that strategy wasn't very well thought out.

On another note, Penguins fans can stop booing Jaromir Jagr now and save up their energy for Scott Hartnell. Two seperate punches to the head after whistles and raking Brooks Orpik with his stick while Orpik was on the ice is all the incentive we need. And if Georges Laraque doesn't perform a little frontier-style justice on Hartnell this Sunday, I will be highly, highly, highly disappointed in Big Georges. And I know he looks to me for approval, so that's not just some idle statement.

A Caps win tonight and a Devils victory over the Flyers Friday and the Philly goon squad should be on the wrong side of the playoff picture. They can take their cheap shots to the golf course, where I'm sure Riley Cote is a great putter because of his incredibly soft touch.

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