Friday, April 25, 2008

What Is The Point Of Hockey

If the point of hockey is to blow leads, the Philadelphia Flyers will not only win the Stanley Cup this year, they by themselves will qualify as an Olympic team in 2010. Because they have an ability to blow leads that is simply unparalleled.

However, I believe the point of hockey is to actually finish the game with a lead and this seems to be a problem for them. Too bad, too, because they had three wonderful goals last night where they threw the puck at the net just to see if it would bounce off of something and go in. An amazing display of hockey. Jeff Carter scored an amazing goal where he just let the puck roll down his leg and into the net. Remarkable!

Look for the Flyers to unscratch Riley Cote in Game 2. He is a difference maker.

Oh, also, when I wrote this in my Campbell conference preview...GOOD FOR COLORADO - Peter Forsberg did not get injured during his off days between series...I was totally wrong. He actually did get hurt and missed Game 1 with a bad groin. That's why you don't climb trees on your off days, kids!

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