Monday, May 19, 2008

Shouldn't This Have Taken Five More Years?

I wonder what Darren Eliot thought of Daniel Briere's performance yesterday. Although in fairness to Briere, Coach Stevens didn't call him out before the game or shuffle his line, so how was Danny supposed to know this was an important game?

Also, let's take a moment to reflect on Mike Knuble's contributions to this series. That didn't take long. I know even at the his best the guy needs skill players to bank pucks off of him for goals, but geez.

A debate is raging today about when yesterday's game was iced. Some say it was after the first goal. Others say it was when Hatcher refused to fight Laraque with his team down 2-0. No need to try and give your bench a jump start down two in an elimination game, I guess. No wonder they took the captaincy away from Hatcher and gave it to Jason Smith as soon as he joined the team.

I guess losing on purpose to the Flyers in the last game of the regular season worked out beautifully. It's rare when such a tricky plan works out like that. So now we're in the Cup finals. The Penguins are 2-0 all time in the Cup finals. History is on our side!

And, thankfully, so is Marian Hossa. Four points yesterday to give him 19 in 14 games. I can see why people were so down on him right after the trade. All he does is find open slots and shoot! Who needs that on a team? He's like an upgraded version of Petr Sykora. Same knack for finding open ice, same great shot, ridiculous backchecker and a bull with the puck. I'm well aware of the money arguments against re-signing Hossa this summer. I'm choosing to ignore them, however. Man, I want that guy back. His goal yesterday was a perfect illustration of what he and Crosby could do together.

Fleury had another shutout yesterday. Made an incredible kick save to preserve a 2-0 lead. People still dislike him and they are right to do so. It's only because of our defense that we're giving up under two goals a game in the playoffs. Three shutouts, a 1.70 GAA and a .938 save percentage? Anybody could do that! Boo, Fleury! Boo!

Lastly, what the hell has gotten into Rob Scuderi? Actually shooting from the point? Hitting the post once? When Rob Scuderi is starting to shell the goalie, you know you're in trouble, opposing team!


Anonymous said...

As a MAF hater I absolutely agree. It is our defense who saves the game.. I loved the sucker punch he took to the face yesterday, priceless.

Anonymous said...

All I know is that MAF spends his down time in the food court at Robinson filling up on McDonald's... thank Heaven for a good defense.