Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Smuggler's Blues

A couple of weeks back, a friend of mine attended the Coachella music festival of music. If you like 100 degree temperatures and 50,000 Facebook users wearing backpacks, oh my gosh will you love Coachella.

After, my friend explained how she smuggled a spliff into the concert in her underwear. A joint. A marijuana cigarette. Naturally, the people around her were quite excited and more than willing to partake. They willfully ignored the joint's temporary cargo hold, which was a very dark, sweaty, moist, squishy area heated to about 120 degrees by cotton trapping heat from the sun's rays.

If she smuggled a Twix bar into the show in her underwear and offered it around, people would be all, "Jesus Christ! Get that thing away from me! I'm not eating something that was down there! It's melted anyway!"

But for the green tea, man? Hygiene is for squares, man.

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