Thursday, June 12, 2008

Living Off Of The Land

We have the space in our backyard and just enough interest in where our food comes from to have planted a garden. We blocked out about a 15'x6' area, framed it with railroad ties and threw some soil down before bombarding the area with seeds. And then...very little happened.

Zucchini sprouted right up like they were growing in a rainforest, and if you have seen zucchini plants before, they end being about two feet tall and two feet wide with these giant flat leaves that are about the size of three hands. They take up space like a chubby guy on the bus.

But that was about it. We got some sprouts, but they quickly disappeared, most likely having been eaten by some critters before they could reach the plate. A total animal burn.

And then one day I noticed four lettuce plants sprouting...outside of the garden. Now, I'm pretty sure we didn't buy Roaming Romaine Lettuce seeds. And I know we didn't miss the garden when we planted. No, some little quadraped picked up the seeds and deposited them outside of the garden. Now, whether they fell out of the animal's mouth or passed through the digestive tract first, I do not know. They were growing pretty well, so perhaps they were fertilized for us.

That was my wildest gardening story to date. Yes, I know that sounds like an oxymoron. Wild gardening, jumbo shrimp. And then last night, as I was rooting around for some zucchini for a salad, I came across Gigantor, the mega zucchini. This big bomber measured 13 inches long and 12 inches around at the base. I'm going to cut up and make frisbees from it. Fry one piece for an entire four-person meal. Or I might lacquer the whole thing and use it as a weapon.

Gardening! Now I see why old people like it so much!

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Anonymous said...

Gardening - like porn, only better.