Thursday, June 12, 2008

Oh Nice. This Is Pretty Nice.

Summer is here, if not technically, and on most summer days by 5:00, you are sweaty and tired and you smell bad and about the last thing you want to do is cook a big to do of a meal. You don't want to stand in a hot kitchen for an hour and you don't have the appetite for a big dish anyway.

So here's a nice little summer pasta dish I've come up with. Though saying you've come up with an Italian dish is almost impossible after 1500 years of culinary culture. Anyway, lemme tell ya what ya gotta do, meatball!

- Cook up some bacon, make it crispy and chop it up.
- Boil up a big pot of water and a small pot of water.
- Add fresh peas to the small pot and boil it for a few minutes until they've softened a bit, then drain. (NOTE: You have to use fresh peas for this. Canned peas will not work in any fashion. Canned peas in this dish will make you miserable. Fresh peas that you've just shelled yourself is the only way to go. Drinking wine while shelling peas is soothing. Man...long note.)
- Toast some pine nuts. (NOTE: Not in the toaster. That makes it very hard to get them back out.)
- Put pasta into the big pot. Penne is best for our purposes here, linguine is second, but spaghetti will work.
- When the pasta is done, drain it and put it into a large mixing bowl. Really, did I have to tell you to drain it?
- Open a can of tuna in olive oil. If you want to be a fancy britches about it, and I always recommend being a fancy britches, make it imported Italian tuna. This Rio tuna is great. The regular can comes with green beans in it and little splash of vinegar. They also make a pesto version. If you can't import your own Rio, at least use albacore. Geez. We're not making a tuna salad on toast for somebody we dislike it. Anyway, dump that tuna over the pasta. If you cook an entire box of pasta, you'll probably want two cans of tuna.
- Add the bacon, the peas, the pine nuts, some red pepper flakes, some chopped basil, maybe a little more olive oil if it looks like the pasta needs it and a very generous amount of grated parmesan. The amount of every ingredient is to taste. However much you like of each thing. Toss to mix.
- Eat.

Oh man, so nice. So good. So easy to make. So light on a summer day. So nice of a job by me.

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