Thursday, June 26, 2008

Tell Me How This Post Tastes

This week, everybody was all agog and making a kerfuffle over Shaquille O'Neal rapping about Kobe O'Bryant. As black people used to say ten years ago and now only white journalists say, Shaq "totally dissed" Kobe. Can you believe it? An insulting rapping song by one guy about a former teammate!

Yes, actually, I can believe it. Athletes performing songs about their rivals is as old as sports itself. Who could ever forget in 1992 when Michael Jordan teamed up with Bell Biv Devoe to record "Clyde Drexler Ain't Flyin' High As Me"? Or during the 1988 Finals when Magic Johnson played the keytar and put down Isiah Thomas in "You Kissed My Cheek, Now Kiss My Ass"?

Hell, in On The Road, Jack Kerouac devoted a whole chapter to the time Bill Russell teamed up with Miles Davis to record "Fuck You, Wilt Chamberlain (Reprise)".

Though the standard bearer for this genre is probably still Ty Cobb's ragtime hit, "Babe Ruth Is An Octaroon (His Mammy's Pappy Layed Down With Nigras)" Pressed wax phonograph discs of that classic sell on eBay for $500.

I mean, this is nothing new people.

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