Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Tonight, Tonight

Well, there are two options tonight. One, Detroit returns to form and destroys us and Game 5 was just a temporary reprieve, joyful as it was. Like if you're walking to the chair and the governor calls. You hear the phone ring and there's just so much joy. Then you learn he was calling to pardon Tim Lennonson, and your name is Tom Lemonton.

Two, the Penguins pull out another win, the roof pops off of the Igloo like a dandelion head and suddenly Game 7 is appointment television.

Both of our wins have been by a single goal. Is it so wrong to hope Fleury pitches a shutout tonight while the Penguins put five behind Osgood? It's not that unlikely. Monday, Osgood had allowed two goals on as few as 12 shots, which is encouraging, because we are not squeezing too many shots off. While I'm in dream mode, perhaps a hat trick from Gene? If so, please throw those thick Russian fur hats on the ice.

We need to play with a lead tonight. It changes how Detroit forechecks and clogs up the neutral zone. If we do have a lead late, we need to stay on the attack instead of retreating into a bunker and allowing Detroit to fire shots until their arms are tired. And we can get a lead if we continue successfully dumping the puck deep. If the original dump is knocked down or deflected, somebody needs to follow it up and finish the job. Once deep, we can cycle, we can outhit their defensemen, we can throw the puck in front and see what happens.

Momentum could carry over from Monday's overtime and boy howdy do I hope it does. I also hope that this game doesn't go into overtime, as my intestinal fortitude is in no mood for such drama. I want a blowout just so I can watch one of these games in a relaxed state. As it stands, I'm on edge like a wounded lion surrounded by hyenas. A little tense! If tonight's game goes to overtime, I will probably die in a supernova. The first ever human supernova.

And if does go to overtime, Drew Sharp would like to see the officials leave their whistles in the locker room. Look, you want to argue Zetterberg's and Cleary's goaltender interference calls? If you're from Detroit, the answer is yes, incidentally. But fine. Just keep in mind that makes Osgood a free target. You want increased hooking in overtime? Hey, why not? Nothing like slowing the game down. But to argue against calling a high stick to the face? Geez. Hockeytown! Where the professional columnists don't understand the game!

Oh man. I am not ready for this. I need it to be 4-0 Pittsburgh at the end of the first.

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