Monday, June 23, 2008

We'll Give Them...A Virus!

So I'm watching Independence Day on Fox Movie Channel, and there's something obvious about this movie that always drives me crazy. No, not Judd Hirsch's Vaudeville Super Jew dad. No, not Randy Quaid being the drunk that saves the day. No, not the razor-deep characters and plot ideas. No, not "Welcome to Earf!" These are all just standard-issue bad summer movie problems.

What drives me crazy is that when we've realized our puny Earth weapons are no match for their awesome space defense shields, crazy scientist Jeff Goldblum decides we'll upload a computer virus to their mothership. Cause, you know, aliens simply cannot resist opening an email labelled "MAKE HER SCREAM WITH YOUR MONSTER C*CK 2NITE!"

Motherfucker, I can't even open a Mac file on my PC and you're going to to upload a computer virus to their ships?! You think they got USB up there, motherfucker?! Motherfucker.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

They should have sent the Boogie Man after them, EVERYONE is afraid of the boogie man...