Monday, July 21, 2008

Elevate Your Heart Rate, Mate

Medical types advise elevating your heart rate three to four times a week, ideally for at least 30 minutes, to maintain vim and vigor. There are a wide variety of ways you can do it. A brisk walk. Pickup basketball. Frantic sexual activity. Though doing that three to four times a week is stretch for even the best of us.

Or you can try a new method I discovered Saturday last. Accidentally knocking somebody else's child into the pool.

Okay, the long version. We were at a party and Abby wanted to go into the pool. I made the proper trunkatory preparations and dived in. At which point she no longer wanted to go into the pool. But a 3-year old at the party did, so I boated him around on a raft for a bit. He didn't have much pool experience, but he did have a floaty vest on, so I was not the most concerned. Also, I had just consumed three tacos and four beers, so I was in great pool shape.

After some raft boating, I got bored and decided to switch things up a bit. One thing Abby loves is when Daddy jumps over her and into the pool, so I thought I'd try that with young Will since we were down in the deep end. Young Will is not as adventurous as Abby, or perhaps his father is not as childish, so even though I cleared him by a good two feet, he ducked out of the way. In doing so, he fell into the pool. He was now the only other person in the pool besides me.

As I jumped over Will, I looked back to see what he thought. Before I hit the water, I saw him go in. If it was a Tom and Jerry cartoon, I would screeched to an air stop and then sprinted across the water. But, being human, the best I could was hit the water, spin around and furiously swim back to young Will, who had by this time bobbed to the surface in his vest. Face down.

I quickly hoisted him out of the pool on the ground and wiped the water from his face. He quickly calmed down, I quickly calmed down, the party quickly calmed down. Then he wanted to get back on the raft.

It was a great workout. And I got my heart rate high enough that I don't need any more exercise for the rest of the week.

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