Thursday, July 31, 2008

Hollywood + Middle America = Uh Oh

I have two thumbs and thus two rules of thumb about movies. Thumb one, when a movie is a surprise hit and they make an unplanned sequel in response, the sequel will always be atrocious. Because, you see, nobody writes a movie and withholds good jokes and ideas just to save them for an unplanned sequel. So the filmmakers end up trying to copy the first movie with some new twists and turns. This always ends up working out non-beautifully, like in the case of The Spy Who Shagged Me or MIBii. Or is it MibII? Or MIB:II. Either way.

Thumb two, when a script is about either politics or Hollywood itself and it attracts a large cast of stars who all "loved the script", it will probably be terrible. Like, say, State and Main. Or now, Swing Vote. Kevin Costner putting up $21 million of his own money to portray an average, beer-swilling American slob? George Lopez, Dennis Hopper, Kelsey Grammer, Nathan Lane and Stanley Tucci. Oh gosh. Oh dear. Gee, I wonder if Stanley Tucci will play a slick and slimy Republican operative.

He does.

Stanley Tucci:Oily slicksters::Jeff Goldblum:Crazy scientists.

The trailer has it all! A guy who likes fishing more than politics. The proverbial having a beer with a candidate, which doesn't go as well as you might think. A sassy 12-year old who is wiser than people three and four times her age. Nathan Lane acting like a fussy gay. Broad portraits of saturated media coverage. Oof.

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