Friday, July 11, 2008

Oh, Come On

One of McCain's advisors was on NPR this afternoon discussing the proposed budgets of Obama and McCain. In McCain's budget, we will begin significant drawdown of our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan in 2013 and that will save us "mad loot, y'all." These insane savings will help balance out McCain's massive, untenable tax cuts and start to erase the deficit.


I know what you're thinking. You're thinking, "By 2013, this war will be 10 years old. It will have lasted almost 1/8th of John McCain's long, long, long life. Shoot, by 2013, John McCain might be dead of a stroke after clenching his jaw too hard upon hearing the new Miley Cyrus single."

But here's the takeaway. Basically, McCain's proposes to start removing our troops from Iraq and Afghanistan in the first year of his second term. He doesn't propose to do it in his first term because if it didn't happen for some unknown reason, maybe he wouldn't be re-elected.

He truly is a maverick. It's hard to figure out why people don't like politics.

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