Monday, July 28, 2008

Professional Media Insight

Professional football writer and renowned Favreophile Peter King traveled all the way to Mississippi on horseback this weekend to find out where Brett Favre may or not play football this coming fall.

Peter King is paid a lot of money by both NBC and Sports Illustrated to provide viewers and readers with insights on the NFL. Inside information that football fans can't get by themselves or from blog, bloggers and blogging. So some corporation paid for a round trip plane ticket, a hotel room and a food per diem so Peter King could break some news. Maybe they saved on the hotel if Favre let King spend the night in his garage with his beloved riding mower. About $600 later, here's what professional football Peter King was able to come up with:

...none of us in the media really, truly knows where Favre is going to end up.

Okay, not off to a great start. King follows that up by saying he doesn't think Packer GM Ted Thompson would release Favre because if Thompson did, King's best guess is that Favre would sign with Minnesota. His best guess! He spent an entire day with Favre and came away with no idea where he wants to sign if released. Me, that would've been my first question. Also, I know fans care about rivalries much more than players do, but does Favre really care that little about Packer fans, the people that were with him through thick and thin for over a decade, that he would go straight to playing for one of their most hated rivals?

Favre is not going to stop demanding his release, at least not now. Thompson asked Favre for a list of teams he'd accept a trade to on Saturday -- for at least the second time -- and Favre would not give him one. That's because the minute Favre gives Thompson a list, the Packers will get a deal done with one of the teams on the list.

Boy, it really sounds like Favre wants to play for Minnesota. And also, it really sounds like he is a complete dildo. And also also, for King to know this, Favre would've had to tell him something like, "I don't want to give him a list of trade teams, cause then he'll trade me there." Apparently, King did not end the conversation right at this point with the declaration, "You know what? You're an idiot."

I think Thompson would like to have Favre in reserve in case Aaron Rodgers gets hurt -- imagine what Monday-morning-quarterbacking (hey, King, stop stealing your own line!) would ensue if Thompson traded Favre and Rodgers went down for the year the next day with a torn hammy -- I think he believes it'd be better to just let him go somewhere else now.

Favre? Brian Brohm is the backup if Rodgers gets hurt! And, judging from his one appearance last season, Rodgers will get hurt. Also, if Rodgers did get hurt and Thompson had traded Favre, why would fans care if the trade was in July or September?

And then King got quotes from Favre that were generally of the "I wasn't sure what I wanted at the time, they asked for a decision, I could've lied..." variety. That's true. Except Favre - or King - doesn't mention that the reason Ted Thompson wanted a final decision so early in the offseason is that Favre went back and forth the previous two offseasons, leaving the Packers to spend all summer wondering what just might happen with their team.

So when professional football writer Peter King travels to Mississippi on the company dime to interview his good friend Brett Favre for a mainstream media publication, what do we learn?
  • Nobody knows where Brett Favre will end up this fall.
  • Except that it won't be Minnesota.
  • Maybe something will happen later this year.

Great! Thank you for the insight, Sports Illustrated! It's not possible for me to read an article and know less than I did before I read it, but this is as close as you can get! Where can I sign up for a five-year subscription?

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Anonymous said...

Maybe Peter King is sharing his Oxycontin with Favre.