Wednesday, August 6, 2008

220, 221, Whatever It Takes

Obama suggests checking our tire pressure regularly would offset the meager gains offshore drilling would produce. In addition, you can check your tire pressure tomorrow and offshore drilling won't produce a drop of sweet crude for about seven years.

But since McCain has nothing to run on except Obama, he pounced, mocking Obama's plan for...for an unknowable reason, actually.

In fairness to McCain, he has been a Senator for almost 30 years and is the kept husband of a millionaireness, so probably hasn't pumped his own gas since the '50s, let alone checked his own tire pressure. For all he knows, you have to check your tire pressure with a 10-pound, mercury-based barometric pump and he just heard mercury is toxic. He might think you have to inflate your tires with a bicycle pump and he knows those little pedals you stand on don't do much in the way of keeping the pump steady. It's always sliding off to one side and John McCain doesn't want Americans looking foolish. Also, McCain's first car, a Model T, had those wooden tires with the metal belts hammered around them to prevent chipping. I ask you, Senator Obama, how do you check the pressure of wood? You're so inexperienced!

And besides, it'd be one thing if the air pump was right next to the windshield squeegee. But it's also way over in the corner of the gas station! Does Senator Obama really expect us to drive 20 feet just to check our tire pressure?

No, John McCain is not for checking your own tire pressure. I realize that means in this case the Democrat is promoting individual responsibility and the Republican is promoting a governmental solution and now you're all mixed up! John McCain, aka Drillbot, has one solution to our problems. "Drill! Drill! Drill!"

But as usual, McCain's solution is shortsighted, paid for by industry, mostly idiotic and completely wrong.

As ThinkProgress recently noted:

As ThinkProgress
recently noted, the Department of Energy and the auto industry have said proper car care can have a significant impact on saving energy and gas money. Moreover, stock car racing giant NASCAR also agrees, urging its fans to pay attention to tire inflation pressure to increase fuel economy.

Part of McCain’s solution to energy independence and high gas prices is to “
immediately” start “drilling off shore.” Such an approach would yield a savings of 6 cents/gallon two decades from now, in addition to putting to the planet in peril. By contrast, car maintenance can save 12 cents/gallon immediately.

As Obama
recently noted, it's like the GOP revels in its own ignorance.

But, because this is America, where spin and beliefs matter more than facts and information, this latest dustup is just being batted back and forth by both sides. For the Republican side, here's the
least biased news report I've ever seen.

Good God. Chinesa state media doesn't run such slanted coverage of the Dalai Lama.

Listen, I have to fight my inherent elitism like Luke Skywalker fought his inherent rage. Daily and actively. I'm constantly aware of it so I don't simply dismiss people who think differently than me as being less intelligent or less well-read than I am. But if somebody is ready to vote for John McCain this fall, I honestly don't know what in the world they're thinking. We've lived through the last eight years of unabashed Republicanism turned up to 11 and 80% of Americans are unhappy and think the country is going in the wrong direction. If McCain wins this election, while promising to keep up the ignorant, foolish and outright stupid foreign and domestic policies Bush and friends have instituted, I will simply give up. I won't read the paper or websites any more because it won't matter. I won't still abreast of current events because it won't matter. It won't matter because no amount of information can convince a majority of this country that it's time to change. I'll go straight the comics section while we kept falling behind India and China and other countries that value education and critical thinking. Hell, I'm smart enough to take care of myself. I'll be fine. It's the dumb ones that are screwed.

Christ, McCain makes me so crazy that I'm thinking like a Republican! Only caring about myself!

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