Tuesday, August 12, 2008

And Here Come The Doubts!

Like any good dedicated fantasy footballer who has trouble putting things in the proper priority, I crunched some numbers last night to finalize my draft strategy. Naturally, because I was so certain I should go RB-WR-WR this year, the numbers told me otherwise. Just to put the screwgie on me. Dang numbers!

As it turns out, passing yards (25 yards per point) might be the biggest stat in our league after touchdowns. And with interceptions only counting as -1, the quarterbacks might be where it's at. Those sexy gunslingers! No wonder they get the ladies! And because only 8-10 guys throw for more than 4,000 yards this year, it seems like there's a greater gap between the 5th QB and the 20th QB than there is between the 5th RB and the 20th RB. Particularly if the 20th RB ends up getting some touchdowns this year. So my original strategy to wait on a QB like Garrard or Schaub is exactly foolish.

So basically, I'm going into Thursday thinking RB-WR-QB or maybe RB-QB-WR depending on how things shake out. But...the only quarterbacks I would consider taking in the top three rounds are Brady, Manning, Romo, Brees and Palmer. Yeah, even though he kinda wronged me last year, with only -1 interception point, Palmer gets stronger in our league. So does Brees, who just about throws more than he hands off.

I wouldn't mind Romo and he'll probably be there in the third round, but if I get Barber first, then I have two anchors from one team, a situation I never like. On top of that, those two studly anchors would be Cowboys and then I'd have to root for the Cowboys to be good and that leaves me with a bitter taste in my mouth. I could root for the Cowboys to go 5-11 and lose each of the 11 by a score of 45-42, but that seems unlikely.

If I got Addai in the first round, Romo wouldn't be a problem. But do I really take Addai over Barber hoping I'll get Romo later? What if Peyton was available in the 2nd round? Then what!? Arrrgh! Maybe I'll just wait to the fourth or fifth round and go for McNabb or Roethlisberger. The Steelers should be passing a lot again this year, right? Even with the line struggling?

My team is going to be terrible because of a confused, if not non-existent, draft strategy. Can't wait!

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