Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Bistro Krogmann

We straight up opened a bistro in our kitchen last night. After a trip to the farmers market Sunday, I had the foodstuffs to turn it out. I should've put a chalkboard in the driveway with the night's specials written on it.

I grilled a whole striped bass stuffed with white wine, basil, sage, lemon slices and leeks. Served it with roasted red potatoes and leeks sauteed in brown butter. Though to ruin the bistro feel, we drank a Spanish white wine instead of a French one. This Spanish wine tasted mainly like apple juice, which is quite a change of pace from most Spanish wines that taste like nothing.

Keeping the bistro open tonight and serving a whole grilled chicken with frites. Or french fries, if you will. A chicken that I also bought at the farmers market. Gonna butterfly that bird, lay him flat on the grill and get him crisp. Lemon, garlic and basil marinade beforehand. Sliced heirloom tomatoes (from you know where) on the side. Daaaaaaaaaaammmmmn! If that sounds good and you want to stop by for dinner, just look for the chalkboard out front.

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