Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Cascading Wonder

There are a few good shower moments out there. After the gym, all sweaty, not too bad. After golf, rinsing the grime out and cooling down, getting better. But there ain't no shower like a post-beach shower, all right!

You get back from the beach, you're in pretty bad shape. Sand everywhere, a salt-crusted face, wet bathing suit making your body cold. The post-beach shower, the greatest shower there is, remedies all three.

Hit the water, boom, the salt washes off your face, leaving you nice and clean. The sand gets washed out of every crevasse and fold on your body. You soap it out of your leg hair.

If you went into the ocean, your body temperature has probably dropped about ten degrees. That warm, warm shower just feels so, so nice. Your most personals are chilly to the touch from a wet suit...until the water hits it.

The post-beach shower is basically the best part of going to the beach. Almost the only reason to go. I wish I was at the beach right now just so I could shower this afternoon.

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