Monday, August 4, 2008

Draft Strategy

I don't have one. I should have one. Though I had one last year and it was a one way bullet train ticket to Nowheresville.

Our league is going to have 12 teams most likely, which means 36 wide receivers start in our league each week, 24 running backs and 12 flex players. There are not 36 good receivers and 24 good backs in the league. There are maybe 10 of each. And maybe 5 good quarterbacks.

Last year seemed to be the start of running back by committee around the league and the end of the rock solid RB-RB fantasy draft strategy. Since I'm as much of a trendster as anybody else, maybe I'll go RB-WR this year. Should I take Moss? I have a feeling that, hang on, you won't believe this, he won't have another record-setting 24 touchdown year. He might come down just a li'l, li'l bit. Can I get David Garrard in the 7th round? If I do, who in the world is he going to throw to? Cocaine Matt Jones might be cut, Reggie Edwards has knee problems and wide receiving problem, Jerry Porter is clinically insane and their other nine receivers are all just plain bad.

You know what I wouldn't mind for my first two picks? Marion Barber and Braylon Edwards. Of course, I get Barber, Dallas will make Felix Jones their new goal line back for some unknown reason.

Ugh. I hate all of this.

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