Thursday, August 7, 2008

A Hostage Situation Comes To An End

One of the most modest, selfless players in the league will now be playing in one of the calmest cities in the countries. And with their favorite player ever playing for their favorite team ever, Chris Berman and Tony Kornheiser have throbbing excitement boners, the likes of which have not been seen in quite some time. Positively throbbing. And with two Jets-Patriots games scheduled this year like all years - excuse me, two Favre-Brady games - expect Berman to die of a heart attack during the first one and Kornheiser to keel over during the second.

Yes, Brett Favre is now playing for the Jets. Personally, I think the Jets could move from 4-12 last year to at least 9-7 this year, assuming Favre picks up the offense quickly enough. He seems like an incredibly bright fellow, so it shouldn't be too much trouble. But the Jets have a pretty decent offensive line, a good back in Thomas Jones, two good receivers, a good tight end and this year's weak AFC East schedule.

And even if Favre struggles, Jets fans are already used to losing and interceptions. Maybe they'll even be excited to have interceptions thrown 40 yards downfield for a change, instead of them being thrown at the line of scrimmage like Chad Pennington does. Speaking of which, with one extra season in the works, now Favre can set the all-time interceptions record he's worked so hard on over his career.

Now all we can do is hope the Jets somehow end up facing Green Bay in the Super Bowl, so in one of the all-time ironies, Green Bay wins a game on a Brett Favre interception.

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