Monday, August 4, 2008

Hotel Bird

As much as I was looking forward to fig season, and as much as you people were looking forward to hearing the reviews on the 2008 version of Uncle Mike's Country Fig Jam, it seems that the fauna of the Valley was looking forward to fig season even more. So far, I've had about one day to pick ripened figs before they are absolutely destroyed by birds and big green beetles. Those critters absolutely shred the figs, leaving just one side of a husk hanging on the tree. It looks like I'm drying little pieces of leather out there.

Every time I open the backdoor, about 10-15 birds scatter from the tree. It's quite the avian party. At this rate, I'm only going to be able to harvest 400 of the 600-some buds on the tree. What a loss that will be.

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