Friday, September 5, 2008

Off To A Great Start!

While I was sitting there wondering how a free market loving party would keep oil drilled off the coast of America from being sold to China or India, I had to watch Plaxico Burress catch pass after bobbled pass. He eventually finished with 133 yards, giving my opponent this week a quick 13-0 lead. At least Plax didn't crack the goal line. If he did, I would have felt worse than I do when John McCain smiles at me.

Meanwhile, I did correctly nail the Giants in our 16-point dinner bet pool, but so did the other three guys. The standings in that pool very early on are 10-10-9-8 and I'm the 9.

Basically, one boring game has been played this NFL season and I'm already playing catch up. Looks like it's gonna be more of the same this season. Losing and bitching, bitching and losing.

But the weekend is not even here, so maybe I can turn things around. As a reminder, in the dinner pool, we pick the winner of each game and assign points to each one, 1-16. Whoever has the most points at the end of the season gets treated to dinner on the other three participants. My picks this week are...

New York Giants - 9
Detroit - 5
Buffalo - 3
Jacksonville -10
Miami - 2
New England - 16
New Orleans -7
Philadelphia- 13
Pittsburgh -12
Cincinnati - 1
San Diego - 14
Arizona - 8
Dallas - 11
Indianapolis - 15
Green Bay - 6
Oakland - 4

In my second pool, where we start with 2000 points and make minimum 400 point bets, I'm taking 400 points on Philadelphia to cover a spread of -7. I'm also taking Philadelphia in my survival pool and starting DeSean Jackson at my fantasy flex position over Chris Perry. Basically, I have a lot riding on a team that's never won a Super Bowl and plays in a city that doesn't have a title since 1981. Of course, I should almost be from Philadelphia myself considering how much I lose.

Is there such a thing as too much football action? No!

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