Thursday, September 25, 2008

Putting It In Coast

I don't have a survival pick and I don't have an opinion on survival picks this week because I was cruelly knocked out of the pool by The Ronnie Brown Show in Week 3. It was not enjoyable.

Conversely, I am king of the hill in both the confidence pool and betting pools and trying to figure out how to go into the prevent defense for the next 14 weeks while maintaining my lead. I suspect it will be tough. Though I do think that with the lead in confidence, my job is to basically pick favorites, assign points based on spread size and let the other three gents try to figure out upsets. With my favorite-heavy picks, I am pre-qualified as an ESPN expert. So what am I looking at this week? Nothing too controversial, I can assure you.

San Diego - 13
Carolina - 12
Buffalo - 11
Denver - 10
Dallas - 9
Jacksonville - 8
Philadelphia - 7
New Orleans - 6
Tennessee - 5
Cincinnati - 4
Pittsburgh - 3
Arizona - 2
Green Bay - 1

As you can see, since I'm sure you have 13 different spreads memorized, I only picked two underdogs and Green Bay and Arizona only got a total of 3 points. I'm not going to beat myself, folks! Somebody is going to have to wrestle this crown away from me!

In the same vein, I'm not looking to make five pool bets again this week, even though I went a glorious 4-1 last week. Impressive? Yes, thank you. With an 800-point lead on the field and 400-point bets still the order of the day, I'm figuring to make one or two bets and put pressure on the field to catch me. And if you want to make five bets in an attempt to make up ground and go 2-3 on the week, well, you know that's fine with me.

I actually hate most of the spreads this week, and being 8-1 against the spread in 2008, that comment comes with some heft. I'm considering San Francisco +6.5, San Diego -7, Buffalo -7, Baltimore +6 and PHI/CHI under 41. But I don't have much confidence in any of them. Any! Maybe what I'll do is take San Diego -7 and quit for the week. Ain't nobody catching this greyhound by Tuesday anyway!

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