Monday, October 13, 2008

Le Bien, Le Mal

Saturday night wasn't too bad. I made some really boss homemade raviolis, sipped some Barolo and discovered that the NHL Network was now carrying Hockey Night in Canada instead of it being a part of my normal Center Ice package. The end result of that line shuffling is that I can watch HNIC in HD now, unlike last year. Delightful!

But folks, my Sunday was bouncing up and down harder than a crystal meth addict doing a little on-camera work to pay for her next hit. The dull ache I went to bed with Saturday night morphed into a full-blown sore throat Sunday morning. I wanted to say, "Mommy, it'll hurt if I swallow," but not only did it hurt to swallow, it hurt to talk. Then, in the shower, the water gurgled and stopped draining. For those of you out there who aren't homeowners, water in the bathroom is supposed to drain away. Three hours and $367 later, Roto Rooter had snaked out our outtake pipe. Then I found out Marques Colston was a late inactive. Then I found out Joseph Addai got hurt on the Colts' first drive. Then I watched the Colts go up 14-0 on the Ravens, who I took +4.5, like it was the easiest thing in the world. I hadn't even plucked the paper from the driveway and already the Sabbath was looking shitty.

But things can turn around for a guy like me who deserves it, and they did. Although I could see Matt Schaub's QB draw coming a mile away, Miami at least stopped the 2-point conversion and covered the +3. I had 4 points on Miami while Ryan and Brian had 7 on Houston in confidence though, so it was a pyrrhic victory. And the Jets covered -6 without too much difficulty, though when you have points laid on Brett Favre, you don't find his chucking the ball up for grabs to be all that fun.

The afternoon bets, PHI -5 and DAL/AZ over 49.5, were on the ropes late. The scenarios I was laying out for potential miracle covers seemed utterly preposterous, and I am quite optimistic. But an incredible run by Marion Barber made it 24-21 late and the offsides/blocked kick/timeout situation right before Nick Folk nailed a 52-yard field goal to send the game to overtime at 24-24 and all but guarantee the score would go over was quite enjoyable to watch, even though I couldn't yell about it. Even Philly pulled out a silly cover with two late interceptions, one of which went back for a touchdown. It was 23-17 Niners with about 9:00 left in the game and it finished at 40-26 Eagles. Friends, that is when you know the juice is simply flowing through you and all you have to come is let it drip out of your fingertips.

So my bets went 4-1 this week and I rocketed up to 6400 points total. The gal in second behind me went 2-2, running in neutral, and if the Giants cover and the game goes over 43 points tomorrow, 3rd place will be 4000 points. If the game is under 43, a second person will have 4800, but nobody will have more than that. I am a remarkable 15-4 against the spread this season, 1600 points clear of the pack as we move into the 600-point bets. Hank Goldberg just called to ask what I think of the Monday night game. Begged me to drizzle juice on his forehead. Begged! But I said no. Gotta keep this run to myself. I think in Week 7 I'll only put down two bets and force the pursuers to keep pursuing. And if they fall a little further back, well, there's not much I can do to help them.

As for confidence, Miami giving up a late touchdown hurt. It hurt bad. If Miami wins, I am leading the week going into Monday. But, as it stands, only putting 2 points on Denver bailed me because everybody else was high balling them. Assuming the Giants win tomorrow, I am tied with Max for the overall lead, 24 up on Ryan and 35 up on Brian. Although...Ryan did put 1 point on Cleveland and if that comes through, not only does he win the week, he's suddenly only 10 points out of the overall lead. Big, big, big game tomorrow. Fortunately for me, the 1 point Ryan laid down looks like the poop that resembles Cleveland's season.

Speaking of Cleveland, as unfortunate as that is, I have a 3-point lead in fantasy and my opponent has Braylon Edwards. No, you don't lose points for drops. That 0 next to Addai's name is really in the way and it gets even bigger when you realize that Dominic Rhodes of all people had 13 fantasy points in Addai's stead today. Fantasy football is the wart on the handsome face of my football knowledge.

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