Thursday, October 16, 2008

Oh, My Aching Head And Team

The blog has been going downhill this week because I am sick. The only thing worse than being sick is hearing somebody complain about being sick, but the mucus squeezing my head for three days now does not foster creativity. Too bad, too, because the state of my fantasy team right now lends itself to some tremendous comedy.

Continuing an ongoing theme, Joseph Addai tweaked his hamstring to the point that he will miss 2-4 weeks. It's about to be seven straight weeks in which my top three picks - Addai, Colston, Boldin - have not played 60 minutes together. Unsurprisingly, I am 2-4. This week is especially amusing because my entire bench is on a bye and McNabb, Desean Jackson and Boldin are too good to drop. Because McNabb is off, I had to pick up a second quarterback, something I wouldn't normally do, and now with Addai's injury, I'm going to have to drop my defense/special teams and pick up somebody to put at W/R. Which, yes, will leave me without a defense for the week. I'm 2-4, in desperate need for a win and going into battle with an empty roster spot.

The two positives out of this tale of woe. One, when I go 2-5, the season will basically be over and I can stop worrying about having nine injured players starting for me. Two, it's so utterly preposterous to have your top three picks all hurt that people will finally start believing that I am the ultimate fantasy football hex. If I passed on Addai for Barber this year, Addai would have 10 touchdowns and Barber would have a broken leg. My powers are great.

But whereas my fantasy football karma is horrendous, my betting pool karma is great. Actually, maybe that's just the same karma. Anyway, after a 4-1 effort last week moved me to 15-4 against the spread this year, I have 6400 points. But apparently despite my excellence in betting, I don't know how to read lines. Chicago didn't cover last week, Atlanta did. Which...actually maybe this explains why I'm doing so well this year. So my lead is not 1600 points, it's still only 800. And it's still the same person! The first time in my life I've ever wanted to shake off a lady and I can't.

I actually don't love too many of the lines this week and with the bets increasing to 600 points a pop, I may play it cool and let Vegas knock back my chasers. I'm thinking Tampa -10.5, Pittsburgh -10 and Buffalo +1 and that's about it. A 2-1 week will be a great success in my book. Under 37 in the BAL/MIA and over 41 in the NYJ/OAK are on my radar, but who knows if those bogeys will make it into my book.

Moving on to confidence, I'm now 2 points behind Max, 10 ahead of Ryan and 30 up on Brian. I don't mind being down again because I felt like I was too conservative with the lead. The prevent defense prevented me from winning! Of course, this week I only like favorites and all I know for points is that the Bucs, Giants, Steelers and Titans are getting the most.

So there you have it. Another football-heavy, politics-free post. I've been seeing some chatter that we need more politics on the Krog Blog and all I can say in response is...people used to complain that it was too much politics. People are going to complain. And that's great. I can complain with the best of them. It's basically all I do. But I haven't been talking politics as much because of a few reasons. Sarah Palin is so preposterous that she can't even be mocked. Her faults, shortcomings and bad ideas are so sundry and so obvious, that pointing them out would be like saying, "Boy, this water sure is kinda wet!"

And as John McCain stumbles from one strategy to another, each equally as bad its predecessor, forever slipping in the polls, I've found nothing to say. I've found tons and tons of satisfaction, but mainly nothing to say. And that is because while six months ago, I felt like a lone voice, now the media and the American public in general have figured out what garbage conservatism and Republicanism is. How false and empty they are. Everybody is finally on to the game, the press is covering McCain with the cynical eye he deserves and they're shooting down his terrible suggestions before they even take flight. The only things I would have to say right now is that my spring prediction of at least 300 electoral votes for Obama is looking pretty good, and if 2008 for the Democrats ends up being the what 1980 was for the Republicans - meaning the death of conservatism and an emerging liberal dominance for the next three decades - well, that is a very exciting prospect.

But seriously, that town hall debate...where the hell was McCain wandering off to the whole time?

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Anonymous said...

That's what I'm talking about!

I'm a Canadian, and far more caught up in your election than our own, and it's nice to read some non-journalist commentary.