Monday, October 27, 2008

WVHL Week 3 Review

One Day With The Cup tied Medicine Hat - 5-5-3

Two teams at the bottom of the league totem pole were hoping for a blowout win to rocket up the standings, but both will have to settle for a slow crawl after this tie. ODWTC benched Erik Cole Saturday after learning he was getting a wake up call with third line duty. Had we realized the demotion would rile him up to the point of 17 PIMs - more than enough to steal away that category - maybe we would've started him. Cam Ward's sole appearance this week ended with a 3.00 GAA and a .950 save percentage, which seems impossible, but 57 saves will do weird things to your numbers. Jarome Iginla showed up with 5 goals and Andy McDonald continues to be a great pre-season signing, but Zdeno Chara remains missing. Not literally. If you watch Boston games he's out there, just missing from the score sheet.

After Monday, Marty Turco's numbers were 1.00/.966. After Saturday, they were 3.68/.874. Marty Turco is probably available via trade right now. Vincois Lecavalier had a single point this week, but at least it was a GW PPG. Make 'em count! Thomas Vanek cooled down just slightly this week and was promptly offered up as trade bait around the league. If you can't score 3 shorthanded goals a week, you can't play in Medicine Hat!

Kitchener Ks def. Dynamo Mockba - 9-4-0

Nate had a respectable 2.49/.900 in net, but an unrespectable 2 goalies games played. So his old man swooped in with the goalie sweep by default. It seems that having only two goalies on your roster, one of whom is in a Midway Platoon is not a great strategy. The scheduling boner came at a perfect time for Kitchener, as their own Manny Legace became the latest collateral damage in the Sarah Palin 2008 Tour of Destruction. First she submarines McCain's campaign, then she badmouths science and knowledge, then she drops the puck in Philly. Philly lost its first 5 of the season and then Danny Briere went down for a month. Then Palin moved on to St. Louis. Manny Legace, knowing she was coming, put up an 0-2/4.65/.870 week, then pulled his hip flexor tripping over the carper they rolled out for Palin to drop the puck. Sarah Palin...she's coming for you next!

Kitchener had a remarkable 15 power play points, though no individual had more than 2. Like any great power play, it was a cohesive unit working in sync.

I can't imagine the joy Nate must feel sitting in the Igloo and knowing all of Malkin's points are doubly special to him. Malkin's 1g, 3a was practically a slow week. Marleau had 5 points and Streit had 4, cruel teases that they will be able to score like this all year long. After a week like this, no matter how cold they get, Nate will simply not be able to bring himself to trading them. "What?! Marleau? He's a 5 point a week guy!"

Keystone Winterhawks def. IC Pounders on Ice - 6-4-3

You'll find this hard to believe, but the Flyers fan had 36 PIMs this week. This surprisingly chippy and cheap Marc Savard kicked in 8 to lead the way, but even Jordan Staal added 6, most like from 3 different hooking calls. Oh wait! I forgot when he speared that guy when Pittsburgh was on the power play. That was a great move, blowing the power play like that! That should definitely be rewarded in fantasy hockey! The Winterhawks only got 6 goals, 3 from Jeff Carter. This guy really is a Flyers fan.

The Pounders lost this week by 2 points and they lost two categories by less than a full point. They were 0.08 behind in GAA and .003 behind in save percentage. If Dan Ellis only allowed 7 goals this week instead of 8. Oh, if only.

White Chapel Rippers def. Abomidable Snowmen - 7-3-3

The Rippers had an active Saturday, racking up 12 assists. Clearly this is a Gentile team, not at all concerned with resting on Shabbat. Heatley's 3 assists all came in the third period of one game, and Richards got 4 of his 6 points in one game. However, Ray Whitney spread out his -3 over the course of a few contests. With only 10 PIMs, the Rippers easily won the Gentle Ben Nice Guy of the Week trophy.

Rick DiPietro returned from injury only to post a 5.02/.828 and he would've had 2 losses if he wasn't pulled early Saturday night...because of another injury. Maybe he's not ready yet. The Snowmen have two Kings, which sounds like a terrible thing for a fantasy team, but Kopitar and O'Sullivan combined for 7 points. O'Sullivan was even a +4. Hockey is back in Los Angeles!

Camelsfoot Range def. obamanators - 7-4-2

After watching Caulen lead the way, John McCain went on Meet the Press Sunday and guaranteed that he too would defeat Obama. They're just so cute at this age! The obamanators -1 might be the first negative number to win the +/- category this season, and the 32 PIMs were nice, but you can't go 0-4-1 in net and win too many weeks.

Caulen continued the honored Kress family tradition of sweeping the goalie battle, and Kiprusoff's 1.67/.946 was actually the lesser of the two goalies. That's how good Camelsfoot was in net this week. That Vanek for Kiprusoff trade is pretty much a given at this point.

Scott Hartnell had 3g, 3a for Camelsfoot and, deciding that wasn't enough, added in a +3, 7 PIMs, 2 PPP and 1 GWG. I will flat out guarantee this is Scott Hartnell's best week of the year by a factor of 3, that ginger goon. Kyle Okposo, who generated a few, "Ooh, nice late pick!" comments during the draft has 2 points this season, none this week. For an Islander, that is actually pretty great.

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