Tuesday, November 4, 2008

If You're Wondering...

Seeing the flag makes me happy again. The American flag now means hope and potential and idealism and the best the world has to offer. During the past eight years it meant paranoia and ignorance and false arguments about what being a true American meant.

The swath of red that cuts across the middle of the country can now be known as the Ignorance Belt. White Christian voters in those states go to bed tonight afraid of what America will become over the next eight years because their simple minds leave them afraid of anything they haven't been spoon fed by somebody who already agrees with their views.

Reason and empirical evidence and common sense and thought and science have won tonight. Today we are back on track. Moving away from a country that thinks sex is evil and war is good. Moving away from a country where ideology trumps evidence. Moving away from a country that has been dominated by sheltered conservatism for 30 years and moving into the 21st century.

The champagne tasted so sweet tonight. The beer flowed freely and so did the hugs.

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