Friday, November 28, 2008

It's Nice To be Smart

Sure, I'm not so smart that simply naming me the new Secretary of the Treasury sends the Dow up 800 points in 2 days, but I still have my moments.

Like last summer in my NHL free agency running diary when I said Radim Vrbata would suck. Or in the first WVHL Weekly Review when I wrote...

Actually, from the games I watched this weekend, eliminating the flap pad between the legs made a big difference, because I saw a ton of pucks going five hole. Especially on Jose Theodore. Expect some hockey pundit to write an article on this three weeks after I first mentioned it here.

Okay, so it's actually been six weeks, but...

If you think your favorite NHL goaltender is letting in more 5-hole goals this season, you might be right. It's a result of rule changes this season that were agreed to by the NHL Players' Association. Goaltending equipment is a little smaller and a little different this season, and will continue to be downsized in the coming years.

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