Monday, November 10, 2008

WVFL Week 10 Review

Vanduhlay industries 131 - Lake Balboa Ladybugs 120

My team just keeps finding cruel and unusual ways to lose. This time by putting up 120 and losing to a team that didn't even have a full lineup because Steven Jackson was out with an injury.

Brandon Jacobs continued the trend of guys I had do nothing for me in 2007 coming back to beat me in 2008. I don't know what I did to those guys, but they sure are mad about something. If you don't take Joseph Addai #1 overall in 2009, you're making a tremendous mistake.

Vanduhlay got 13 points from their receivers, an obvious 0 from Jackson and still scored 131. There could be no clearer sign that this is not my year.

Iron City Pounders 80 - The People's Elbow 70

A win with only 80 points? Hmm. Must be nice. If Nate had only started any other tight end besides Cooley, who had a bye, he maybe could've sneaked this one out. Though I'm sure he was expecting more than 2 points out of the San Diego defense against Kansas City. Assuming he knew San Diego was playing Kansas City and that was his defense which is, I admit, pushing it.

Manning's deflected touchdown to Reggie Wayne more or less decided this one. Arizona had 16 points worth of interception returns called back on penalties. Imagine losing a fierce and fiery WVFL matchup on that.

Unbelievably enough, my prediction for this game was an 81-71 Pounders win. How 'bout that?!

Deathfromabove 136 - Newbomb Turk 48

For the second time this year, Newbomb was tripled up in points. They'll drop to 6-4, though maybe they should be 6-8. And imagine if Kevin Boss didn't come out of nowhere with 12 points. This one could've been really ugly. The fact that Newbomb is 6-4 makes me disproportionately angry, perhaps because now that Republicanism is on the ropes after 35 shitty years, my frustration over incompetence needs to be focused somewhere.

Adrian Peterson and Maurice Jones-Drew combined for 59 points. The rest of the DFA roster was just pudding. A little something extra. Racking up points for playoff seeding tiebreakers. Holmes, Daniels and Bironas combined for 6 points. Extra laps for them in practice this week.

Stringfellow Hawks 100 - Brookline Bucs 61

Scott Henry has achieved inner peace with his team's plight in 2008, and it makes me even madder than he's such a better person than me. Back to back WVFL Bowl appearances gives one perspective, I suppose. It must've been very exciting in the Henry household when Mewelde Moore scored his second Pittsburgh/Brookline touchdown. Not so exciting by Sunday evening.

Marvin Harrison is done. It is over. But at 5-5, the Hawks are not.

Lowcountry All Stars 87 - Lowcountry A Stars 80

Imagine the indignity of a team that's surprisingly in the playoff picture losing an easy game to a vastly inferior opponent. But both the Cardinals and the All Stars held on and got it done this week. For the Cards, a last second goal line stand was the difference. For the All Stars, a 51-yard Ricky Williams touchdown did it. Actually, the 60-yard deflection TD that Reggie Wayne scored helped the All Stars, but also helped sink the Steelers. Somebody ask Webster how he feels about that and please get an audio recording of the answer.

How it came to be that the Rams were down 40-0 by halftime, and assumedly passing the entire game, and Torry Holt had 0 points is a mystery.

St. A's Crusaders 132 - Atlas Shruggz 44

Although having 1/3rd as many points as your opponent seems bad, here's something to put it in perspective. If Atlas was allowed to use the entire season total for Le'Ron McClain and Jonathan Stewart in this week's game...they still would've lost by about 10. not sure what else to say here.

Crafton Tough Kids 53 - Purple Swirls 43

In what was perhaps a show of family solidarity, Caulen also played his bye week tight end and ate the zero. Julius Jones and Peyton Hillis are so valuable to the Swirls that they are worth a loss. Steve Smith had 0 points and Carolina almost lost because their one-dimensional passing attack became zero-dimensional. Roger Goodell should fine the Raiders $1,500,000 for wasting the best cornerback in the league, Nnamdi Asomugha.

The Tough Kids needed .00000000001 points Monday night to pull out a win and Fitzgerald's touchdown sealed the deal. New Tough Kids Jerricho Cotchery and Kevin Faulk combined for 1 point. Greg Olsen was on the Ladybugs at one point as well, so look for three crippling injuries next week.

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