Sunday, November 2, 2008

WVHL Week 4 Preview

One Day With The Cup def. Kitchener Ks - 10-3-0

After opening up the season with terrible goaltending, I was worried about what to do. Drop Theodore for Sabourin? Trade Iginla for LaBarbera? So I rubbed my 2007 championship ring and the hockey genie appeared. "Good patient be week coming is." His syntax is terrible, but his message was clear. Just be patient. A 4-0, 1.55, .935 1 shutout week shows that the genie is indeed wise.

In fairness, the Ks were shorthanded for the entire week. Gaborik, Franzen, Briere, Legace and Leclaire were all hurt, but too good to drop for replacements. Gagne continued to roll with 6 points and Mikko Koivu was not distracted by hearing his name in the press all week. He had 3 points.

Amazingly, in four weeks, I have 0 game winning goals. A player could score his team's second goal with 15:00 remaining in the first period and if his team won 3-1, he'd get credit for a game winning goal. In four weeks, I've probably had somewhere around 125 man games played and not a single GWG. Not even a fluke one. Crazy.

Keystone Winterhawks def. Dynamo Mockba - 6-4-3

Writing these recaps Sunday night before the impossible to figure out goalie stats are finalized means I might be off on the scores occasionally. This game might actually finish 5-5-3 depending on how the GAA shakes out. But one thing that is certain is that various Flyers killed both of these teams on Sunday. Timmonen led the charge in Dynamo going -7 on Sunday alone, and Biron dragged down Keystone's goalie numbers with a 5.04/.821 non-effort in a loss.

The Winterhawks did win the Allstate Helping Hands Award with a remarkable 27 assists this week, and Dynamo won the Quikrete Brick Hands Award with a remarkable 41 PIMs. Five assists for Dumont and 21 PIMs for Avery will have those guys picking up the trophies in Toronto tomorrow morning.

The Awful Stench tied Medicine Hat - 6-6-1

The Stench had 3 shutouts this week, but they also had a GAA of 1.59. What did they have, 15 goalie starts? Mmm...actually, Thomas had back to back shutout to start the week, but then Thomas and Ryan Miller allowed 8 combined goals Thursday. Timmo bounced back Saturday with a 1.00/.972 effort...but he had been benched for Tomas Vokoun, who didn't play. Oh well. The Stench was still sweet in goal.

Teemu Selanne had 6 goals and 2 assists this week, pacing Medicine Hat to 17 goals for the week. And dig this...of Selanne's 6 goals, a full 100% came on the power play. That is getting it done with the man advantage, friends. Does he even skate full strength? Medicine Hat had 5 GWG this week. I have 0 in four weeks. Funny how life works sometimes.

IC Pounders on Ice def. Abomidable Snowmen - 8-3-2

The Snowmen sent out their goon squad Sunday and racked up 6 PIMs, but it wasn't enough. They still lost the PIM category 40-18. Good effort though, boys. The Snowmen offense was like some new and improved binary code. Every player on the team had 0, 1 or 2 goals and assists. Trinary code, I suppose. Marek Zidlicky, thanks for coming with a 0-0 and -4 this week. Good to have you back.

Miro Satan quietly racked up a 2-2, +2 and 14 PIMs this week. I watched all three Penguin games and I'm as surprised as you are. The Pounders will be happy to crack .500 with this win, but not so happy that Schneider, Boucher and Kubina on the blue line combined for 1 assist and a -11. This isn't golf, guys. Minus is bad.

White Chapel Rippers def. obamanators - 6-5-2

The Rippers ripped up the twine this week with 13 goals, 21 assists and a +14. But in the end, two teams around .500 are going to more or less stay even after this one. The obamanators did not consider Sunday to be a day of rest with 3 goals and 4 assists on the night.

The goalies in this one teamed up to go an incredible 10-3, showing what we can do if we all come together. The records were even split 5-1 and 5-2, showing that socialism does in fact work. Hooray, Obama!

Camelsfoot Range def. Dublin Donkey Punch - 6-5-2

This score really is dependent on the final goalie stats. As of Sunday night, I'm assuming Dublin will swoop in and steal the save percentage category, but either way, what a comeback for Dublin considering they woke up Sunday morning down 10-0. Corey Perry picked up 4 different minors and 10 total PIMs stole that category for Dublin. Perry also had 9 points total in a very active week.

Last week I said Scott Hartnell would never repeat his 6 point effort, and through one week that prediction holds. Hartnell had 0 points and 4 PIMs. Caulen could've won this week 8-3, but Kiprusoff and Giguere squared off both in this game and in real life and Giguere helped out two teams.

In just one night, Dublin went from possibly dropping to 7th place to maybe sliding into 1st. They laid out the body, everyone.

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