Monday, November 24, 2008

WVHL Week 7 Review

One Day With The Cup def. obamanators - 9-2-2

Since the election, the obamanators are 2-20-2. Which may seem gentle in comparison to the upcoming Clinton for Secretary of State nomination battle. Speaking of which, on her first trip overseas, maybe Madame Secretary could pick up Roberto Luongo's groin? After snapping off and flying out of the Arena Saturday, it landed in Minsk this morning. And that nomination fight might seem gentle in comparison to the next obamanator matchup, with both Nabokov and Luongo hurt. Especially since it seems like Luongo will be injured for Obama's first 100 days.

Auld and Ward were stellar in net, though losing save percentage with a .930 is a tough one. Kitchener castoff Brad Boyes had 2 goals - including the GWG - Saturday, the icing on the cake of an 11-3 goal win. Campbell, Bergeron and Koivu all broke out of slumps and even Chara remembered that he had a good shot.

The obamanator offense was not helped by the fact that Dean was not updating his roster this week, a Kline tradition. Sheldon Souray's 2 PPG were good for 66% of the team goal total and 100% of the team PPG total. He also had 11 PIMs. Souray feels let down by his teammates and GM.

Dynamo Mockba def. Dublin Donkey Punch - 7-4-2

Backstrom and Sabourin combined for a 1.80 and .924...but when 2-3 for the week. That is some lack of goal support. Don't blame Patrik Elias, he had 1g and 6a this week. Malkin's single assist is nowhere near as good as the 2 and 2 weeks from Nash and Marleau, so Malkin can probably be had in a trade right now. I think he's going to the Kings.

The Dublin GM called out Milan Hejduk for a -5 effort. In fairness, Hejduk is just a goal scorer and even that was 5 years ago. Besides, Backstrom's -4 and Phaneuf's -3 are no great shakes. Henrik Sedin had a remarkable 7 assists, perhaps irked that somebody informed him that when writers mention King Henrik, they are actually talking about Lundqvist.

Nate was not handed goalie points because his opponent fell short of the minimum games this week and he went 1-3-1 in net. I'm sure that is just a large coincidence.

Abdomible Snowmen def. Medicine Hat - 9-4-3

The Snowmen lost 4 straight, melted down their coach and responded with a thorough win. However, the shellacking will still leave them 1 point behind Medicine Hat in last place. The other Sedin, Daniel, had 3 goals and 3 assists, capping off a very productive week for the twins. Peter Budaj's .952 save percentage was rewarded with 2 losses. I feel like it has been a very long time since Joffrey Lupul has scored. Lemme look this up...2 goals and 0 assists in his last 10 games. But at least he's a -5 in that span.

Medicine Hat has actually not won a matchup this season. They are 0-4-2 in weekly battles. Their tilt with the obamantors next week will truly be the resistible force vs. the moveable object. Devin Setoguchi is doing all he can, people.

Keystone Winterhawks def. Kitchener Ks - 8-2-3

Is anybody going to bother trying to slow down the Winterhawks this season? They are now 6-1-0 in their matchups, with the only loss coming to a guy that And even then I only nipped them 5-4-4. So even though Marc Savard had 8 points this week and Ovechkin 6 and they had 42 total PIMs, I'm really going to need you people to start trying against the Winterhawks.

When Pascal LeClaire opened up the week by allowed 7 goals on 19 shots, the Ks were pretty much sunk in net. Even with 4 active goalies in the lineup. The Ks only had 3 assists all week, all coming from Bruins and a single power play point. Thank you, Ryane Clowe.

Camelsfoot Range def. IC Pounders on Ice - 6-3-4

Would you believe me if I told you that Bryan McCabe had 2 goals and 3 assists this week? No, I swear! He did! Old time NHL veterans Milan Lucic and Kris Versteeg both had 1 and 3 weeks and Caulen continued his WVHL run of finding productive young players. Not counting Cam Barker, Mike Cammalleri and Tomas Plekanec who combined for a -1.

There was a coup in Stockholm and King Henrik was deposed. A 3.98 and .867 is not going to get it done in net. Marc-Andre Bergeron's stat line looks like a carton of eggs. 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0. Zetterberg had 3 assists for the Pounders, but Hossa only had 1 goal for Camelsfoot. Aren't they on the same line?

Whitechapel Rippers def. The Awful Stench - 6-3-4

Ryan Suter's Sunday night power play assist gave the Rippers one more category win. Too bad Suter is now going to hell for not observing the Sabbath. I guess it was worth it. With only 5 goals on the week, the Rippers are now willing to trade five players for Semin. And $5 for semen. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Ahh, homophobic humor in a fantasy league. Can you ever go wrong?

The Stench were a fantastic +16 on the week. Ken Hitchcock's eyes well up just thinking about it. But that defensive responsibility did not help Ryan Miller, who posted a 5.35 and .795 this week. Did the league increase the size of the net for Buffalo games? Once again, Getzlaf had a better week than Crosby. Time to trade Sid for a goalie.

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