Thursday, December 4, 2008

A Trio Of Lunchtime Observations

What an interesting lunch I just had. Not because of the food or the company or the conversation, but because of the three fun oddities I encountered.

1) While I was waiting for my lunch partner, a cute, whitebread girl was waiting to meet somebody. A guy finally came over, looked around, found the one single person waiting in that area and asked, "Juh-MY-uh?" And she said, "JAY-mee."

Now, did she mistype her own name as Jamia in the email she wrote this man to arrange their lunch meeting? Or is the spelling of her name so convoluted that the pronuniciation is open to interpretation? And if it's the latter, what is that spelling? My best guesses are Jamieh and Jamye.

2) Plan B, a local strippery, has a van and we spotted it driving around town on our way to lunch. Does the van pick up groups of men and transport them to the club? At 1230pm, is it picking up strippers that lost their licenses after a DUI and bringing them to work? And either way, does a girl dance on a small pole in the back of the van while it's driving around?

3) In line of front of us at Chipotle was a man of Mediterrean descent wearing a pinstriped wool suit, wraparound sunglasses and a small ponytail. He looked like a background extra from Pretty Woman. I'm not sure if he sells couture or diamonds or leather, but I am sure that 75% of his sentences end with, " friend."

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