Tuesday, December 23, 2008

WVFL Bowl Review

This Week: 1-0
Playoffs: 5-0
Season: 58-38

Some title games are blowouts, never in doubt after the opening kickoffs. Think Joe Montana and the 49ers beating the Broncos 55-10. Some title games aren't over until the final gun. Think Scott Norwood and the Bills losing to the Giants 20-19. The WVFL Bowl was one of the latter.

The Crusaders came into Monday night needing 14 points from Ryan Grant to take the title. Grant scored 14 on the nose. But it isn't as simple as it sounds. On Green Bay's final drive in the fourth quarter, a 15-yard personal foul and a couple of passes gave them a first down in field goal range. Grant rushed twice and got to 62 yards rushing total, enough to give the Crusaders the win. On Green Bay's next play - their final play of the game - Grant was dropped for a 1-yard loss, giving him 61 total rushing yards. If he takes a 3-yard loss, this game is tied.

Grant also had a 17-yard TD reception and 2 other catches for a total of 3 yards. Take away ONE receiving yard and TWO rushing yards...and the Swirls win this game.

Then again...if the Swirls don't mysteriously change their kicker to the previously unheard of Garrett Hartley, they win this game. I think Garrett Hartley got cut from Manchester City in the EPL and decided to give American football a whirl.

Caulen has a requested a note of recognition (a shout out, as the kids call it) for winning two football titles and and finishing second in a third league. I would like recognition for predicting that Steve Smith would have a surprisingly quiet game against the Giants. I would also like to thank Marques Colston for putting up 99 yards and 2 touchdowns three weeks after my team stopped playing.

Of course, the entire premise of this review is false because if Ryan Grant played Thursday, he wouldn't be the sole focus of here. Like assuming you had a heart attack because of the Baconator you ate for lunch. It's more than that. If the Crusaders started Fred Jackson over DeShaun Foster (Jackson being the better back, both against bad defenses, Foster the starter) he would've scored 97 points. If Chris Johnson had 1 more rushing yard and Witten had 3 more receiving yards, the Swirls win. If Minnesota recovers Matt Ryan's fumble at the 1-yard line instead of Atlanta recovering it for a touchdown, the Swirls win. If Welker had 2 more yards and Housmazoo had a single 12-yard hitch route, the Crusaders cover the spread of -2.256.

The point of all of this is that...fantasy football is about 10% preparation, 10% early season waiver wire moves and 80% luck. So congratulations to ST. A'S CRUSADERS, the luckiest team in all the land.

Really, though, why would you change your kicker?

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