Tuesday, December 16, 2008

WVFL Semi-Finals Review

St. A's Crusaders 104 - Vanduhlay industries 97

Well, not paying an ounce of attention to NFL injuries and bye weeks finally caught up with VI, as they started Brandon Jacobs over Steven Jackson in the semis. Jacobs, who was ruled out this weekend, posted a zero while Jackson ran all over Seattle for 18 points. If only...if only there was an easy way to get NFL news on television or the computer. A heroic 30-point effort from Andre Johnson was completely wasted.

I was right that Thomas Jones wouldn't score 20, I was right that Ryan Grant wouldn't pick up the slack, I was right that Gonzalez would outscore Gates and my playoff picks are 4-0 so far. How is it that I can never win in fantasy football!?!? And how is it that I'm such a remarkable egoist that I can turn a review that has nothing to do with me into a screed almost entirely about me?!?!?

Ryan Grant was the only Crusaders to not reach double digits as St. A's stormed into the finals. A nice change of pace from 2007, when the Crusaders started off 0-6.

Purple Swirls 89 - Lowcountry All Stars 83

The media cacophony is quickly reaching a crescendo. Jeff Webster cannot won the big game! But you can't blame Dallas Clark, who racked up an impressive 20 points. Impressive and remarkable...and ultimately useless. It's a fitting tribute that in a 31-27 game, Lee Evans only notched 2 points and his owner lost in the playoffs. Lee Evans is fantasy poison!

Second place in 2004. Third place in 2006. No worse than second place in 2008. Caulen is the Bret Saberhagen of the WVFL, shining in even years. The best backfield in the WVFL combined for 12 points, but Steve Smith rode to the rescue and carried the Swirls into the finals.

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